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МЛЦ МГУ - школе

22 октября 2016 
15:00 ауд. им. С.А.Ахманова, КНО

Учебно-методический семинар для учителей физики

ВИШНЯКОВА Екатерина Анатольевна

Семинар МЛЦ и кафедры

Семинар кафедры ОФиВП и МЛЦ

20 декабря 2019
15:00 ауд. им. С.А.Ахманова, КНО

ФРОЛОВЦЕВ  Дмитрий  Николаевич 
ГОСТЕВ  Павел  Павлович

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1-st International Russian-Chinese Conference

1-st International Russian-Chinese Conference
Youth school-workshop Modern Laser Physics and Laser-information technologies for science and manufacture will be held 23-28 September 2011 in Vladimir/Suzdal.


2011年9月23日(周五)-28日(周三), 俄罗斯, 弗拉基米尔-苏兹达里

This Conference is aimed at involvement of young scientists (students, post-graduates, post-docs) in discussing hot topics in research in the fields of laser physics and its applications, as well as in establishing contacts in between attendees from Russia and China, supporting their interest in mastering research and innovations.

Scope of the Conference

  • Nano- and femto-photonics: Foundations and applications
  • Quantum and atom optics; quantum information science
  • Physics of terahertz radiation: Generation and future applications
  • Modern tendency and advantages in solid-state lasers and laser systems:
    development in new laser and nonlinear optical crystals
  • New laser technologies in biomedicine, ecology and industry:
    Bio- imaging, laser-plasma technologies, laser prototyping, etc.
  • Laser-information systems: Big machines and mobile/space,
    atmospheric-, water- and land-based systems.

Format of the Conference

  • Participation of the leading Russian and Chinese scientists who will deliver lectures for the attendees. Preliminary list of invited instructors is given below:

    Academician Bagaev S.N., academician Panchenko V.Y., corresponding member Vinogradov Y.A., prof. Balykin V.I, prof. Tveryanovich Yu.S., prof. Garnov S.V., prof. Zadkov V.N., prof. Makarov V.A., prof. Shkurinov A.P., prof. Arakelyan S.M., prof. Alodjants A.P.,
    academician Yao Jianquan, academician Jian-Quan Yao, prof. Feng Song, prof. Huang Wei, prof. Guo Yongkang, prof. Chen Nianjing, prof. Yang Yongqiang, prof. Qiu Xianyang.

  • Oral and/or poster presentations of young scientists (the form of presentation is determined by the Program Committee)
  • Long distance internet participation for young scientists

Official language of the Conference is English.

Book of abstracts will be published before the Meeting.

Full-text papers will be published in the Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Physics (ISSN: 1062-8738).

Link to the Conference website.

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Инструкция по закупкам
На сайте МЛЦ в доступном из локальной сети разделе опубликована инструкция о новом порядке закупок по грантам и НИР.

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